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    Nīcas jauniešu dienā, 10. februārī, nodarbība arī vecākiem un vecvecākiem!!! https://t.co/KFc63xtgTd
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    Telpu futbola turnīrs 2017 https://t.co/HdspcSij5N
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    Par stipru Nīcu, par stipru Latviju! https://t.co/7l1xVm51Ph
  • Špelas pārdomas par projektu

    Špelas pārdomas par projektu
    So it's almost over.. last two weeks and back to reality, but right now I'm not thinking about that. I'm just enjoying time with people here. 
    If I need to decide once again, if I want to go to this project, my answer would be the same! It's not just about Youthpass it's much more. The experience you get and people you meet means much more than paper. 
    I started in 03.10.2016 and in first month I need to confirm that was little difficult being away from family and friends. But each day got easier because of people here. We had a lot of activities. For me every activity and event were special, something new for me. We went to paintball (it was a little painful) which I didn't try to play before. It was so funny, I shoot on my team player by accidently and I got shot 3 times. Two times in knee - I still have marks and once in forehead - I didn't hurt because of mask but I was all yellow because of paint.
    Then for halloween we made a party in NJC. The plan was to dress up in costumes but then we decided just to prepare food and enjoy the time. We watched a horror movie, eat a lot (my favourite part) and play different games. I think we stayed there till 2 or 3 in the morning (of course only adults). Also we made different decorations during the days for halloween in NJC. We dress up the front doors in some scary head. And all this time we were visiting cities in Latvia. 
    A really special event for me was Latvian national day. We had many different workshops for everyone who wanted to done some broochs with Latvian flag or motives. Then there was a party in evening which was interesting for me, because everyone there danced. And a lot of people invited me to dance and first I felt strange because in my country we don't dance a lot in this way (in couples). 
    In December everything was about Christmas so we put a lot of lights around and in NJC. We went to kindergarten, prepare some tasks (like paint tables) for kids to learn easy words in English- like Christmas, Santa, Christmas tree...  before I went home for Christmas we had a performance in school. We sang and I told what it's traditional to do in this time in my country. We also went to concert in Liepaja of Latvian singer Emils Balceris, which I like a lot! After 22.12.2016 I went home for Christmas and New Year. 
    I got back in 02.01.2017 and we started to prepare everything for youth-day. This month it was a lot to do. And finally the day came. The theme of this day was Prom. We started in morning with presentations of youth centres and workshops. It was lots of things going on. In the evening we had a Prom party where we dance a lot again, so much that next day I couldn't walk normal because of pain in my feet. 
    And my favourite thing was collecting money and things for pet shelter in Liepaja. After we went there to gave them all the things and we had opportunity to took for a walk three dogs. 
    In last week we'll have winter sport games. And what I hope the most there will be time to spend it just to be with all of people. I'll miss this place and the most I'll miss all people because they become my friends. But now I have one more reason for me to come back in summer and visit them!
    Nīcas jauniešu centrs pagājušā gada sākumā ir nokārtojis akreditāciju un saņēmis Eiropas savienības programmas "Erasmus+" projektu veida "Eiropas brīvprātīgais darbs" uzņēmējorganizācijas statusu. Projekts tiek īstenots sadarbībā ar Bērnu un jauniešu biedrību "Liepājas jaunie vanagi".