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    Nīcas jauniešu dienā, 10. februārī, nodarbība arī vecākiem un vecvecākiem!!! https://t.co/KFc63xtgTd
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    Telpu futbola turnīrs 2017 https://t.co/HdspcSij5N
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    Par stipru Nīcu, par stipru Latviju! https://t.co/7l1xVm51Ph
  • Špelas first two weeks in Nica

    This is not my first EVS. I came to Latvia on 03.10.2016 with airplane from Vienna to Riga Then I can say I was discovering Riga for a little bit, because I got a little lost from Riga airport to main bus station. But people were so nice, that when I asked for directions and help, I got it. Some boys were even helping me with caring baggage. So my first impression was good, nice people helping even when they don’t need to.

    I arrived to Nica really late, around 23.00h. So I just meet my roommates and went to bed. Next day we went to Nicas youth center, Rita gave us a tour and has told everything we needed to know. They even organized a welcome party for me and Ramon. We tasted some traditional food (soup and cake). People were really open, started to talk to us and it was so nice to saw so kind people.

    Time here is running out really fast. I started to wrote this blog in the end of first week and now is already the third week. So my experience in Latvia till now are only positive. We have already been to Liepaja, Karosta Prison, beach and Saint Nikolai Sea Cathedral. For me the church was really special because it was my first time in orthodox church.

    Everyone in Nicas Youth Center are nice to us and it's really nice to talk with people in different languages. Sometimes we are just sitting and discussing words in Latvian, Spanish, Slovenian, English and Russian language. Other time we play table games or listen to Latvian songs. My favorite game is novuss.

    From 14-18.10 Ramon, Everita (my mentor) and me went to training in Umuri. This training was really special because we were talking about EVS, youth pass and things like that. For me was the best part working in teams, with people we knew only few days. It's good to hear how others are thinking and then connect things together and do something. We also had a project. Our work was to go to the city Ogre and ask people to boiled us an egg. And we're really lucky the first lady we asked did it. Then we need to perform in some high school (dancing).

    On the way back to Nica, our boss give Ramon and me a day off, so we went to Riga with others volunteers. We went to the old Riga and saw a lot of things. We also went in hotel where was the perfect view of city. Last thing we done was a goodbye drink with others, we exchange numbers so we'll stay in contact.

    Now we're back in Nica ready for new challenges.

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