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    Nīcas jauniešu dienā, 10. februārī, nodarbība arī vecākiem un vecvecākiem!!! https://t.co/KFc63xtgTd
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    Telpu futbola turnīrs 2017 https://t.co/HdspcSij5N
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    Par stipru Nīcu, par stipru Latviju! https://t.co/7l1xVm51Ph
  • Ramon pirmā nedēļa Nīcā

    Ramon pirmā nedēļa Nīcā

    Sincerely,i am waiting for my EVS months in Latvia with a big expectation,because nobody knows what could happen in a adventure like this,a new place to live,a new job,a new friends,all the unknows were to be resolved.After this logical sensation,i went discovering some of the excepcional things that was wating for me in Nica.
    Well,in my travel from Riga to Nica i found one of the most green countries with beautiful forest too i have never seen in my life,i love the nature places like this is really important for me,into Nica i can see very careful and pretty gardens,it was a good surprise for me.Little by little all my unknows were resolved,my new place to make my volunteer job will be a really friendly place with lovely people,the youth center is a wonderful place where the children and young people can stay in the free time and waste it in many activities,games,getting new skills,i cannot say nothing bad about this restless child,it will be really funny with work with all of them.

    The last sunday i visited Karosta jail,it was really funny,the guide is a friendly-crazy man,he had maken a great visit for us,the Ortodox cathedral of St.Nicolas is really big and pretty i never had stayed in one like this,after we went to the fortifications on the beach,it was a real good experience because this is a important part of the world history.
    One of the my favourite places is the school kitchen,I am amazing about this good meals.So,I think Nica have a big quality of life,big school,doctors,ambulance,a big and new sports hall,a beautiful river,library,music place,many pretty girls...i am lucky to stay here the next months.,i need say thanks for the welcome party with many people from Nica,thanks for the Nica football team to,and special thanks to Rita,Anete, Everita and Natalija - i will try to give back all this help doing my best.

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