Jaunākie TVĪTI

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    Nīcas jauniešu dienā, 10. februārī, nodarbība arī vecākiem un vecvecākiem!!! https://t.co/KFc63xtgTd
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    Telpu futbola turnīrs 2017 https://t.co/HdspcSij5N
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    Par stipru Nīcu, par stipru Latviju! https://t.co/7l1xVm51Ph
  • Gabriela 9. nedēļa Nīcā

    Gabriela 9. nedēļa Nīcā


    Last weekend we visited our Friends in Tukums to celebrate Francescos Birthday and we met some new people which are volunteers like us. They are e.g. from France, Ukraine, Germany, Spain, Portugal...  I guess our charity-box for the homeless animals in Liepaja was succesfull. We have now two full boxes (see picture). But you can still come to the NJC and bring more for these poor animals! During this week we did our usual programes (Kindergarten, Language lessons, etc.). Additional we had an Interview with the press, we where this week in the local newspaper. And we visited Natalijas class in the Highschool to answer some questions and tell more about us, was really funny!