Jaunākie TVĪTI

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    Nīcas jauniešu dienā, 10. februārī, nodarbība arī vecākiem un vecvecākiem!!! https://t.co/KFc63xtgTd
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    Telpu futbola turnīrs 2017 https://t.co/HdspcSij5N
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    Par stipru Nīcu, par stipru Latviju! https://t.co/7l1xVm51Ph
  • Bego 7.nedēļa Nīcā

    Bego 7.nedēļa Nīcā

    Helloooo everyone!!!

    I really hope that all of you enjoyed our Spanish Cultural Evening last Friday, thanks for coming!!! Last weekend was long and funny - we had time to know Lithuania and also we enjoyed the National Day in Riga and Liepaja. This week we had our activities like the music group and German lessons. We went to the activities in the kindergarden and we saw the movie “The Class”, and finally this Friday we will have KARAOKE!!! We are going to sing “Stand by me”. I promise that would be really funny, sooo see you here in a few hours!!! Enjoy and thanks for reading!!!


    In pictures: Vilnius and National day in front of the Monument of Freedom